China has more than 20 MILLION CAMERAS😱Today, I attended a Brazil-China Seminar, in Florianópolis/SC. 🇨🇳🇧🇷

 I watched a presentation from a Chinese company called Dahua Technology in this event.

I got very surprised. They have a crazy facial recognition system. Also, software and hardware solutions are into their portfolio.

You can find below 5 points that got my attention in this event.

1- China is solving crimes in couple minutes through facial recognition technology.

2- There are more than 100 Chinese companies in Brazil. 

3- China is the MAJOR Santa Catarina partner for import and export business.

4- The general Chinese consul, Chen Peijie was in the event with a group of 10 or more Chinese. It seems China really wants to make more business in Santa Catarina, and in Brazil. 

5- Some of the most significant areas related to Brazil and China commercial partnerships are:

– Energy

– Airport

– Machinery 

– Infrastructure

– Agrobusiness 

❓❓Do you have any Chinese business contact to share? ❓❓Please, mention them into the comments. 

Let’s improve our networking. Thanks!

by Bruno Santiago – Everything about Internacional Digital Marketing