I met this Swiss man (in the center) around 15 days ago. It’s crazy how life drives our destiny. He was an Nestle executive. We chatted about business and life experience.

Since 2009 my digital marketing approach gave me something special: the ability to listen to entrepreneurs. So far I’ve talked with incredible business woman/man from all parts of the globe., EUA, Chile, Mexico, Italy, England, Nigeria, India.

As I spent the major part of my life in Brazil I have met amazing professionals. Here goes what I think about them.

I am very proud of Brazilians entrepreneurs. 

I am not talking about big companies. 

I am talking about small business. 

Bakeries, consulting, restaurants, clinics, etc.

Brave people who chose to make their own future.

Professionals who prefer to be more proactive than complain about about economic and politic situation.

While entrepreneurship require so much from us there are a lot situations that make us stronger.

Everyday I am fighting to help people and companies to achieve their goals through digital marketing. This is my purpose, it is inside me. I believe networking is the better way to support me.

– How about you? What are your professional goals?